Our Services

At Property People Surveying we offer our surveying services in the Perth metropolitan area and outer regions.

Services we provide are as follows:


Contour and Feature Surveys / Detail Surveys

The Contour and Feature Survey is the starting point for ALL developments. Before any design of a new development can be done, a topographical map of the subject land in the development needs to be undertaken.


Sales and Marketing Plans

Preparation of pre-sales plans for advertising & marketing purposes as well as providing mandatory legal requirements with strata sales contract signing under Section 69 of the Strata Titles Act 1985.

building setout

Building Setout Surveys

Needed to position a building with offset marks and/or building corners before commencing construction.


Land Subdivisions

Required to divide land into smaller Torrens-Titled (or “green” titled) lots under the Transfer of Land Act 1893. Our specialty is dealing with projects from 2 lots up to 40 lots. We also completed staged developments where an Amalgamation or a “Boundary Shift” with an adjoining lot is required to gain extra land to further divide.


Strata Titles

Required to divide land into new smaller Strata or Survey-Strata Titles under the Strata Titles Act 1985. Our specialty is dealing with projects from 2 lots up to 50 lots. We also complete Conversions to Survey-Strata, Mergers, Re-subdivisions, Commercial, Residential, Mixed Use and Multi-Storey properties.


Landgate Documentation

Apply for New titles, Land Titling advice, Create a Right of Carriage-way, Restrict use of Land, Easement Only Plans, and Exclusive Use Area plans


Project Management

For the absent or busy developer who is unable to be the project manager on their project. Quotes depend upon the scope of works involved on any individual project.


Service Setout and Asconstructed

Of services, roads and infrastructure.


Cadastral Surveys

Includes Boundary Identification Surveys for purchasing land, Repeg Certificates to re-establish the perimeters of a lot for a new retaining wall and/or fence.

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of specialist land division advisers to help assist you to explore the options available for your parcel of land before deciding on the BEST pathway and development plans for your individual project.

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